April 2013 – Condoboss Releases Best Practices: Capital Planning for Associations

Hot off the press: Community Association Best Practices – Capital Planning

What are the best ways to plan for capital projects? How far in advance should associations plan ahead? What is the least stressful approach? What approach causes the MOST STRESS? What approach costs the least amount of money? Chicago Property Services is pleased to present a new guide titled: CAPITAL PLANNING: A practical guide to community associations.

Salvatore J. Sciacca aka “Condoboss” is pleased to present another addition to the list of best practice guides that address important topics that are relevant to the board of directors and homeowners living within community associations.

The full guide is available here: Best Practices: Capital Planning

Many thanks to Veronica Cogswell, Marketing Manager & Client Relations, Waldman Engineering, and Anthony Dister, CMCA, Vice President, COMMUNITY ADVANTAGE, for their contribution to the CAPITAL PLANNING GUIDE.


About Chicago Property Services, Inc.

PREMEIR COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: Chicago Property Services, Inc. is Chicago’s premier provider of professional offsite management services for condo and townhome community associations. Through innovative management techniques, CPS is creating stress free living environments for thousands of homeowners throughout the Chicago area. With 50 exclusive properties under management, Chicago Property Services is setting the gold standard in offsite management.

COST SAVINGS: Through their cost cutting and price negotiation abilities, CPS is saving community associations thousands of dollars annually. In addition, CPS has saved associations tens of thousands of dollars on their capital project expenditures through the project management services offered by CPS.

TIME SAVINGS: Through the guidance of CPS, client board members are much more effective in decision making and planning. This allows board members to spend more time attending to their professional and personal lives. The average CPS board meeting last no more than 1 hour and our typical client holds quarterly board meetings.

Through proactive 5 year capital planning, CPS saves clients both time and money. Projects are completed sooner and cost less money. In addition, CPS clients have access to a state of the art exclusive online support tool called managemycommunity.com (MMC). MMC gives board member and homeowners real time access to critical information such as contact information, maintenance issues, and financial information. Let Chicago Property Services create a more pleasant living environment for your association. Experience MORE LIVING and LESS WORRYING. For more information, visit www.chicagopropertyservices.com

About the Author, Salvatore J. Sciacca

Salvatore J. Sciacca is a leader in community association management, with more than 20 years experience. Founder of Chicago Property Services, Inc., (CPS), the premiere community management company in metropolitan Chicago for townhouses, condominiums, co-operatives, and homeowner associations, Mr. Sciacca also serves as its chairman and president. Mr. Sciacca is also the founder of managemycommunity.com which is soon becoming the leading online support portal for community associations. Mr. Sciacca is recognized for his extensive knowledge of capital planning, preventative maintenance, and cost-saving measures. At present, Mr. Sciacca’s firm manages a portfolio of 50 exclusive properties including the former Marshal Field mansion. The portfolio has a combined value of $300 million.

Following rigorous exams, Mr. Sciacca became a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) in 2002 by the Community Associations Institute (CAI), the top national trade association in the field. He was designated an Association Management Specialist (AMS®) in 2004 through CAI. Mr. Sciacca is a member of CAI, and the Association of Condominium Townhouse & Homeowners Association (ACTHA). Mr. Sciacca regularly attends national conferences such as the CAI CEO Retreat and the CAI National Trade Show.
Locally, Mr. Sciacca regularly attends ACTHA and CAI trade show events and is a regular guest speaker at ACTHA seminars and events.

Through his continuous interactions with national and local trade associations and industry experts, Mr. Sciacca remains at the forefront of best practices in the industry. Mr. Sciacca has often teamed up with the legal experts at Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit to give seminars and presentations throughout the community about current issues. He has been featured in several Chicago Tribune articles, CondoLifestyles articles and on CAI’s radio talk show. Mr. Sciacca holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and a Masters of Business Administration in international business from DePaul University.

Feel free to contact Salvatore J. Sciacca aka “condoboss” at 312.455.0107 if you have any questions.

You can also find more information on Mr. Sciacca on his: Condoboss FB page at: Condoboss on Facebook or Linked In profile at: Condoboss on Linked In

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